What is Emergency Service?

Events with sudden onset and threatening viability or life integrity of the subject are referred as emergency health conditions. According to International Federation of Emergency Medicine, acute diseases or injuries are referred as conditions requiring intervention of emergency medicine, but the common problem of many countries is the patient density in emergency medicine department.

The concept of triage emerged since the number of patients applying to Emergency Medicine departments exceeds the capacity of relevant department.

What is Triage?

The word triage originates from “Trier” in French and it implies “assortment, classification and prioritizing”. Triage is about determining priority of interventions for subjects requiring medical attention. The current procedure followed worldwide in emergency medicine department is to perform triage of patients. Effective triage performed at first step of emergency medicine service will enable one that interventions to critical patients can be performed without delay in peak hours. Thanks to the triage, examination and treatment needs of critical patients are fulfilled within shortest time and moreover, hospitals are enabled to use existent resources efficiently.

Triage procedure is followed in Emergency Medicine Department of Private TOBB ETU Hospital pursuant to relevant regulations and notices of Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey. All personnel of Emergency Medicine department had triage training which is periodically repeated.

Emergency Medicine department is the mirror of a hospital. All patient admittance, diagnosis, hospitalization, operation, intensive care and discharge procedures, or in other words, any and all types of procedures of a hospital are performed in emergency medicine departments or they are nested with procedures followed in the department. Moreover, Emergency Medicine departments is among units of the hospital offering 7/24 service and accordingly, the organization should fulfill all medical and social requirements of critical patients who continuously apply to the hospital.

Patient feels extra anxiety since underlying causes of patients for applying to Emergency Medicine department are usually comprised of unexpected conditions. The anxiety is about being drafted by unknown condition to unknown location and unknown people. Design of Emergency Medicine departments should enable patients feel comfort and peace. In Emergency medicine departments, doctors, nurses, administrative personnel and allied healthcare personnel should also adopt behaviors facilitating patient’s ability to eliminate possible concerns.

Emergency medicine department of Private TOBB ETU Hospital is among remarkable departments considering experienced and expert personnel, technological and medical infrastructure, unique architecture, function design and physical location within the hospital. Thanks to the functional architecture, emergency medicine department of Private TOBB ETU Hospital offers various facilities to both our patients and our employees. Emergency medicine department has 3 examination rooms, 1 surgical intervention room and 6-bed observation room, where examinations and treatments of patients are performed. Having two separate entrances reserved for ambulance and pedestrian access, Emergency medicine department also offers an intervention room where is designed to enable emergency orthopedic interventions and minor surgical procedures. In addition, any and all emergency interventions can be made as well as resuscitation can be performed in the resuscitation room, designed for emergency intervention, for patients with severe trauma and critical patients, if required. Moreover, there is one observation room reserved for patient with private conditions or diseases. The patient with significant infections is transferred to negative-pressure insulation room of the Emergency Medicine department. Thanks to the close proximity of Emergency Department of Private TOBB ETU Hospital with Radiology Department, imaging studies of the patients applying to the department can be concluded as soon as possible. The close proximity with Intensive Care Units, Angiography Unit and Operation Rooms as well as special corridors offers functionality.

As the case in all departments of Private TOBB ETU Hospital, laboratory samples obtained from patients applying to Emergency Medicine department are bar-coded and transferred to the laboratory via Pneumatic Tube Transfer System (PTTS). PACS system equipped in Radiology department of Private TOBB ETU Hospital can be evaluated on computer monitors as soon as radiological studies are concluded without need to print X-ray films. All services offered in Emergency medicine department are in accordance with operations procedures created with regards to quality and accreditation standards of Private TOBB ETU Hospital. Development of all personnel is enabled via in-service training provided in the hospital.

Do you know?

Burns and first aid

First-degree burns: Only superficial layer of skin, also referred as epidermis, is influenced. Erythema usually occurs. Swelling and pain may also develop in burn site.

Second-degree burns: Total burn occurred in superficial layer of the skin, but second layer, referred as dermis, was involved. Bullous lesion developed secondary to fluid collection in skin; severe erythema and mottling can be seen. Patients suffer severe swelling and pain in second-degree burns.

* Keep the burn site under running cold water at least for five minutes or until pain disappears.

* Place sterile gauze pad on burn site.

* You may ingest pain killer.

* If possible, keep the burn site above level of heart.

* You should immediately take off all accessories, such as ring and bracelet, in the burn site.

* You should never apply ice pack.

* You should never deliver toothpaste or yoghurt to the burn site.

* Do not decompress bullous lesions.


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